Renovation and Construction

Our firm UniqueHome is a small property developer, run by son Daniel Weihgold, an Architect and Real Estate broker and father Jürgen Weihgold, a Real Estate appraiser, Real Estate broker and former owner of a Real Estate company.

We seek out historical or other existing properties, considered a "diamond in the rough" in the entire Rhein-Main area.

Here we have set up a new concept, which usually means the revitalization of a property. To achieve this, the feasibility must be tested. This refers to economic requirements, as well as the feasibility to the building authorities, in particular the Office of the Historic Preservation.

Often, these projects are not financially worthwhile for a large-scale property developer, and maybe too involved for an individual. This is how we find potential projects and uses that would otherwise not suit others. Through our experience in financial analysis as well as in the design and technical field, we can then successfully bring these projects to fruition.

In the end, the property stands for more than just value in timeless modernity, it retains its character and tells a new story.

We build quality over quantity, which is followed through in all our projects.