Rebuild of a large hall in Steinefrenz

This project is a renovation/expansion of an old dance hall. The owners are friends of the architect. The majority of the  building phases will be executed by the owners themselves. Weihgold Architekten has been commissioned to complete phases 1-4, parts of LPH5 and LPH8.

After the initial survey (inventory of the house and research of the buildability), the concept was developed. The hall will be converted into 4 apartments, each with a staircase on the opposite side. The original construction had to be included in the concept, as well as the staircase, since it is a historically preserved structure. We had to ensure that light could be brought in with the existing openings, since only a few additional openings are permitted.

The ground floor apartments will have high ceilings, the large existing windows will let in a lot of light. The first floor apartments have been redesigned into  maisonettes. Parts of the ceiling will be removed and a stairway will be built to the top floor. On the upper floor, sections of the ceiling will be opened up to the ridge, resulting in partial ceiling heights of 4 meters.

The building permit has been issued. The renovation work has begun, currently the house is being completely gutted.

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