Property Valuation

Jürgen Weihgold – Real Estate Appraiser from Mainz


Jürgen Weihgold has been publicly appointed and sworn in by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Rheinhessen, Mainz, for the valuation of developed and undeveloped land as well as certified (DIAZert) with a focus on market and market value determination.

Worked in the Real Estate market for nearly 35 years


Mr. Weihgold is entirely competent and takes his job very seriously.  His work has included "correcting" other valuations based on disputes.

Specific work experience

There are a variety of occasions where a meaningful, reliable and in particular situations a detailed report is required, for example:

  • Property disputes in divorce or succession
  • Disputes with the tax office in a succession, donation or the seizure of a property from business assets
  • Binding determination of market value of sale
  • Purchase of land in the case of severe building damage
  • Personal rights such as right of residence
  • Mortgage lending valuations for financing
  • Evaluation in a foreclosure
  • Valuation of insurance claims
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Compensation
  • For cities and towns (e.g., community areas)

Having many years of expertise are particularly helpful in the valuation of listed properties.