Single Family House in Königstein

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The foundation of the house was built in the 1960s.  In the 1970s, there were two additions to the house.

The house was built on a slope, therefore the main entrance, the bedrooms and a full bathroom are located on the ground floor.  The kitchen, guest bathroom, living and dining room with a large roof terrace are located on the upper floor.


Original State

Originally the house was in very bad condition. The house uninhabited for over ten years. In addition to severe water damage, mold, the foundation sinking and significant cracks, the house had an old-fashioned floor plan. The house was divided into many small rooms. The windows were small and the magnificent view of Frankfurt was not readily seen.


The house was mostly gutted, the courtyard's wall was raised and stabilized by injecting the foundation with  concrete. As many original interior walls (both load bearing and non-load bearing) were removed, a Structural Engineer was brought in to ensure that the walls had the proper support needed to support the newly demolished walls. This created an open floor plan. The electricity, heating and plumbing were all newly redone. The bathroom and guest bath were both redesigned. The covered terrace area in the basement was closed off on all sides, with the rear facing wall, like the living room, now completely consists of only floor to ceiling windows. The room now serves as an office with a separate entrance.

Decor and Style

The house lets in a lot of natural light and is generally bright and open. The style can be described as retro-industrial.

All steel elements installed in place of walls removed have remained unfinished. The railings were also made of raw steel and glass. The flooring on the upper floor is poured white epoxy. The ground floor is American walnut hardwood laid in a continuous pattern.

The walls were painted in primarily gray and anthracite. And the walls on the upper floor had modern textured wallpaper applied.

The kitchen is a modern, custom designed "Next 125" kitchen with island. The furniture is a mix of designer furniture featuring designers COR, Zanotta, Norman Coppenhagen, Vitra, etc., in some cases Ikea furniture as well as original vintage furniture, purchased through the internet. Dining table, dining room lamp and art were all custom-made.