Renovation & Construction

Renovation of a 6-Unit Apartment building in Mainz


This multi-unit building in the most sought after location in Mainz  (Kupferbergterrasse) dates back to 1870. The main building has five floors with one full flat per floor. The separate rear building has two floors of storage space, an old office and a small apartment. Originally there were no balconies attached to the building and most of the units did not have their own bathrooms. At the cellar level, there once were old wine cellars. The last recorded renovation was in the 1970s (installation of electricity, storage and heating system). This project was completely historically preserved.


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Renovation of a Courtyard Ensemble in Gross Gerau

This historically preserved ensemble consists of an old farmhouse, built in 1680, former stables and the extension of an old barn completed in 1970. This is a typical 3-sided closed courtyard ensemble with an old gate.

The buildings form a U-shape around the former farm's property. All the buildings are built on the outer edge of the property. The buildings open onto the street with an old gate closing off the courtyard.


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Single Family House in Königstein

The foundation of this house was built in the 1960s.  In the 1970s, there were two additions to the house.

The house was built on a slope, therefore the main entrance, the bedrooms and a full bathroom are located on the ground floor.  The kitchen, guest bathroom, living and dining room with a large roof terrace are located on the upper floor.


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Old Build in Koenigstein

This house was solidly constructed in the 1930s, which was typical of its time. The cellar was built of stone, the ground floor in brick and the upper floors and inner walls were completed in a wood frame.  The ceilings are vaulted.


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Complete renovation of 2-Unit Building, Mainz

This building was constructed at the turn of the century and originally used as a single-family house. Once newly acquired, it was converted into a 2-unit home. In this conversion, the heating, electricity and plumbing  were completely redone, the floor plan was altered and one full bath and powder room were added.


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Complete renovation of a single family house in Bingen am Rhein

This house was built in the pre-war period. It is a freestanding single family house, built in a renowned location in Bingen on a sloped lot.The ground floor is accessible from the street. The back of the house, the cellar floor is at garden level.The house was previously used for residential purposes. The layout was typical of the construction period. All rooms were separate, no open living spaces.  The entrance, guest bathroom, kitchen, dining and living rooms were located on the ground floor.  The upper floor consisted of three bedrooms.


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Single family house, Frankfurt

The house, built in 1936, was designed and constructed as a duplex. The renovation was completed on half of the duplex.
In the 1960s, a 3-story (basement, ground floor + upper floor + flat roof) extension was built on the side of the garden.
The original house was primarily constructed of brick, wooden beams in the upper floors and an in-situ concrete ceiling, which was typical of the year of construction.
The extension was built of pumice stones.


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Umbau 2-Familienhaus Wiesbaden-Delkenheim

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[Translate to English:] Rebuild of a courtyard ensemble in Wiesbaden-Delkenheim

[Translate to English:] This property was originally a village farmhouse and has been rebuilt over the years. It consists of the original farmhouse facing the street from about 1870, the addition behind was built in the 1970s on the foundation walls of the old barn.  Attached to that is another residential house built in the 1980s, which was also built on the foundation walls of the old barn. When this property was sold, the main farmhouse and its annex, which were used ongoingly as a 2-family house.  The common areas were not clearly defined at the time of the sale, so some of this common space was still in the basement of the neighboring building.  Prior to the rebuild, it was essential to clearly define and regulate the ownership.


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