Complete rebuild of 3-residential units in Mainz

We, Unique Home / Weihgold Architekten have been commissioned to carry out the renovation. This includes all building phases from the basic evaluation, through to supervising the completion of the renovation.

Building phases 1-4 including obtaining the building permit have already been completed. Currently the construction drawings are being prepared.

As with house number 20, the plan to begin interior demolition work will be in April.

In house number 20, 3-flats will be built. The ground floor flat will be expanded with an additional room, which is currently being used commercially. Some weight bearing walls will be demolished, therefore structural work will be performed. The upper and top floor flats in the main house will also have many walls taken down to open up the living space. The ceiling in the top floor unit will also have walls taken out to give the flat an overall feel of being more lofty and bright, the ceiling to the attic will also be removed.  A roof terrace will be created for the apartment along the roof of the extension. All trades will be completely refurbished.

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